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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find Q & A to some of the most common questions we get

What Exactly Is Tiki?

To define the tiki genre is rather difficult as it so many different things. Part escapism, part mystery, part carefully curated cocktails. An amalgamation of cultures and ideas from the South Pacific dating back to the early 1900's and kicking off in the 1930's in a time during and after Prohibition. The Godfather himself, Don The Beachcomber is credited with creating the genre and Trader Vic is credited with expanding upon it. The legacy lived through until the 1970's before falling by the wayside due to cultural shifts and resurfaced again only in the last decade. We're just carrying the proverbial torch and paying tribute to those who came before us. 

What is rum made of?

We carry over 280 brands, styles varieties of sugarcane spirits on our shelves. Ranging from sugarcane juice, sugarcane honey or straight molasses. With over 75 countries producing rum, it is our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with our guests. 

So there's no such thing as dark or light?

Color is not an indicator of age nor is it indicative of where the rum originates from. We refer to our spirits by their country of origin versus color since that is directly tied to production methods. Our staff take great care to outline the particulars of a particular country and the brands of rum we source from there. We always premise the conversation with how you we don't refer to other spirits by color, so why treat rum any differently?

What if I don't like rum?

Rum is the cornerstone of what we serve and there is absolutely a sugarcane spirit for you. We are happy to find pairings that are most appropriate to your tastes.

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